Krav Maga

The Hall is used by a thriving Krav Maga group organised by Duncan Hogg. Krav Maga is pure self-defence and was developed in Israel to emphasise the neutralisation of threats.

The classes are held at Milton Village Hall on Mondays and Tuesdays from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Contact Duncan Hogg on 07973 663601

Comments from pupils;

“I enjoy coming here as it gives you a lot of confidence to know that you can disable somebody who is bigger than yourself.”

“It has helped me a lot with my confidence.

“When you get to my age, you start getting slower, but when I get here I feel a lot younger.

“It’s a friendly atmosphere with a fantastic instructor.”

When Duncan was asked about the aim of the classes, he said: “Personally I hope to get the satisfaction of seeing people who came in here 18 months ago who couldn’t defend themselves become stronger and more confident.
As an instructor, that is my reward”.

All of the money raised from the Tuesday night classes goes to charity. At the moment, we are saving to put new kitchen facilities in the village hall.

Duncan also runs classes for disabled people as was reported in the local newspaper;.

Duncan, who has 30 years’ experience as an instructor, has developed a system of self-defence for people who use wheelchairs and for people who are hard of hearing or deaf.
He said: “The initiative comes after I accompanied the mayor of Derby to a function where I heard tales of absolute horror from disabled people about how they are victimised and even assaulted on a regular basis.
“I decided that I had to do something to help.”
Mr Hogg’s martial arts qualifications include level three in Krav Maga, second dan in Tae-Kwan-Do and third dan in kickboxing. He is also qualified in sign language.

See Duncan in action –

Duncan Hobb showing a pupil some defense moves at Milton Village Hall