Live Theatre

2019 – February 9th in Milton Village Hall

 Live and Local events are usually excellent, but the rendition of Oscar Wilde’s play by Two Gents Productions was quite exceptional.

One might have been expecting two men to be playing the 9 characters , but in fact it was two ladies. The only props were a backdrop cloth (reversible for different scenes), a small table, a chair, a tin can, a mug, a scarf, a biscuit tin lid (for the imaginary cucumber sandwiches which were shared with the audience) and not forgetting the Sports Direct bag starring as Miss Prism’s handbag.

The superb portrayal of the characters had the audience transfixed, always smiling and for much of the performance laughing aloud.

Members of the audience were also called upon to play small parts, with one section of the audience becoming the flowers Miss Cecily was watering.

An outstanding performance by the actress who not only demonstrated superb talent  but brought such warmth and humour to the proceedings.

An unforgettable evening and Milton was lucky to have been able to host such a high calibre performance.

For those visiting London Two Gents Productions are performing this play at the Tara Theatre from February 27th to March 16th – would be well worth a visit.

2018 – May 20th in Milton Village Hall

The Foundry Group entertained residents and friends with a musical comedy entitled

The Ministry of Biscuits.

A clever and entertaining show packed with quick humour and neat one liners,  performed by a talented and enthusiastic band of 4 actors.

Set in London in 1948 where fancy biscuits were prohibited, it followed the progress of a sparkling confectionery rebellion.  Drawing inspiration from 40’ British Light Music, Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984, and the quintessentially British Ealing Comedy capers, this satirical musical fantasy was genuinely funny, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Live and Local  Network is supported by funds from the Arts Council and to have an act of this calibre in Milton was wonderful. Many thanks to the Foundry Group for such an enjoyable evening.

2017  Saturday February 11th in Milton Village Hall.

The Dead Secrets, a group of 4 comedy actors, entertained Miltonians and friends with their unique brand of detective comedy. The audience were asked to suggest the characters, the location, and the title for the play, the actors informing the audience they had no script !

Our play was entitled ‘when the lights went out’ and set in a lighthouse in Byron Bay.

Our chosen characters ( in addition to the detective) were – a bishop ( Archie Bishop),  a famous retired actress (Sylvie Screen),  and a taxidermist ( Stephie Stuff), an eclectic mix, along with some equally funny and implausible  minor characters.

What followed was a wonderfully improvised and spontaneous performance. The quick witted, ad hoc comedy had everybody in the Hall Laughing, nobody was too concerned about finding out ‘who dunnit’,  the fun was in wondering what ingenious scenario the cast were going to come up with next!  A most imaginative, clever, and inventive piece of theatre, and most importantly it was great FUN.


Saturday October 17th 2015
Milton Village Hall in Association with Derby Shakespeare Theatre Company presents…

Stones in His Pockets

It has been a long time since Milton Village Hall hosted Live Theatre, but the Production of Stones in His Pockets on Saturday October 17th made it worth the wait.

Superbly acted by Ian Currie and Mat Shepherd the play was sometimes thought provoking and poignant, often witty and humourous, but always compelling.
The portrayal of the 15 different characters by only two actors, who switched roles so quickly using only gestures or an accents, was quite amazing. The different characters evolved as the story developed – each one believable and each one totally individual.
Subtle sound and lighting effects by Dan Clarkson complimented a first class professional performance.
stones in his pockets


The Village Hall was full to capacity with resounding applause at the end. Many thanks to the Derbyshire Shakespeare Theatre Company for an exceptional evening.