Milton Green Spaces

SDDC Local Green Spaces Consultation – Milton

Two sites in Milton have passed the Stage one assessment towards becoming designated green spaces and responses are needed from the local community to enable them to pass the Stage 2 assessment. To pass the next stage of assessment the community needs to demonstrate that the sites are;

  1. Demonstrably special to the local community
  2. Hold a particular local significance

Rather than have to trawl through the 60 page document, a few helpful pointers and background to enable people to respond without it taking too much time.

The link to the Questionnaire is below. It is not possible to download a hard copy for completion by hand and returning by post, but hard copies are available from SDDC upon request.


In the initial Consultation Period (12.06.17 to 07.08.17) only The Orchard was listed but during the consultation The Triangle and Grass Verge opposite the Village Hall were nominated by Milton. These have been accepted by SDDC and so there are now two sites to respond on;

  1. The Orchard and Grass Verge -Site number 155
  2. The Triangle/Village Green – Site number 164

Next Stage

To pass the next stage of assessment the community needs to complete the questionnaire, specifically to demonstrate “the evidence to support how each space is demonstrably special to the local community, as required by the NPPF”.

So what is needed is not just a response, but evidence, and Milton is fortunate to have evidence.

Below are some bullet points, please do not copy and paste, it would devalue the overall quality of responses. The facts below provide details which will allow you to put into your own words some reasons why these spaces are special to the local community and hold local significance. No need to use them all just ones which you feel appropriate or indeed any other factors you feel would be useful, but in your own words: we do not want to send in a number of identical responses!

The consultation period is for 6 weeks, commencing on Monday 8th October and closing on Monday 19th November – let’s get our green spaces recognised!

Facts and information re Orchard and Grass Verge

  • Both sites are identified in the emerging local development plan which was produced following extensive consultation with the local community.

The orchard is fronted by an old stone wall which features on a picture postcard of Milton, postmarked 1905.

  • The Orchard is a feature of Milton and provides a welcome break in the building line along what is a linear hamlet.
  • Prior to the Orchard being planted there is testominy of the land being used as allotments for the farmhouse and farmworkers.
  • Visual amenity value of an open view to the countryside beyond.

Evidence to show the local community values this green space;

  • In 2014 The Church Commissioners submitted plans to demolish part of the ancient stone wall of the Orchard in front of the grass verge.
  • A local committee was formed to fight this application and the application was refused on 10.10.14.
  • In 2015 elderly residents (all over 80) of Milton, past and present, made the effort to come to Milton Village Hall to sign Statutory Declarations containing their recollections of the Wall or the Orchard to protect the site for the future.
  • In 2015 the Village Hall Committee nominated the wide grass verge immediately in front of The Orchard, as an Asset of Community Value. . It was not successful as the verge is owned by Highways but demonstrates that the community values this space.
  • In past years residents have been allowed to gather fruit from The Orchard to make pies for the annual Harvest Supper held in the Village Hall.
  • A planter provided by Repton Parish Council has been placed on the verge recognising it as a special place.
  • The verge is used as a meeting place for the Village Walk, stalls at Open Gardens, etc. etc.


Facts and information re Triangle/Village Green

Senior residents can remember from their childhood that The Village Green was the site of the annual village bonfire in the late 1950’s.

  • Trees were planted by children new to the Village in the 1970’s.  Other trees have been planted by Village residents in memory of family members.
  • In 1977 as part of the Queens’s Silver Jubilee 3 trees were donated and planted in this area.

Evidence to show the local community values this green space;
Between the 1970’s and the year 2000 The Triangle became a little neglected. In around 2003 a Village Improvements group was formed which in 2006 turned its attention to The Triangle.

  • Working parties were formed to clear the area and repair the damage caused by vehicles.
  • Funds were raised by a local coffee morning group and from donations, and labour was supplied by working parties of local residents.
  • The grass is cut by the local authority but any other ongoing maintenance work is undertaken and organised by the Village Improvements Group.
  • It is the site of a community bench and planter supplied by Repton Parish Council.

Around 20 years ago an effort was made to nominate the area as a Village Green but Milton was told the space was too small so the nomination did not progress, demonstrating our continued view that this area should be a designated green space.