The Neighbourhood Plan

Update Spring 2018

The Plan has been examined and recommended for a formal vote or referendum, after SDDC has checked that the amendments made by the examiner are factually correct and give their approval.

The Plan is now designated as an ‘Emerging Plan’ which means that it has to be a material consideration when any issues detailed within it are considered for development.


Update February 2017

The Neighbourhood Development Plan has now reached the last stage of public consultation.  The plan is required to undergo a period of at least 6 weeks where members of the public and interested parties are invited to comment on the version known as the Pre-Submission Draft.  Following this, the responses will be collated and reviewed.  If the comments and arguments are compelling, the plan will be revised prior to submission, first to South Derbyshire District Council (the local planning authority), then to an independent examiner.  If the examiner judges the plan to be ‘sound’, it will then proceed to a public referendum.  Click on the link below to see the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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Taken from the Neighbourhood Plan Website;

The Neighbourhood Plan and Developments in Repton and Milton – Background

Developments in Repton and Milton should be controlled by the South Derbyshire District Council (SDDC) Local plan but at the present it is only in draft and it has not yet been formally adopted (adoption expected in early 2016 with minor amendments from current version).  The draft Local Plan contains provision for 100 houses in the Longlands area of Repton.

Currently two developments in this area have been approved.  Trent and Dove Housing Association have built 33 houses with 24 being “social” off Milton Road and Miller Homes have approval for 40 homes off Longlands. 

Hallam Land Management applied for 75 homes off Mount pleasant Road linking with the Miller Homes development off Longlands and although part of the site is outside the draft Local Plan area for housing development this was approved, on the Planning Committee Chairman’s casting vote. The developer arguing that as the local plan had not been formally adopted and as SDDC has not identified sufficient development land there was a presumption for development.

A further proposal by the Church Commissioners for another 52 houses adjacent to Springfield House on Milton Road, again outside the draft Local Plan area, has now been withdrawn.  Without this proposal, 148 new houses will be constructed in Repton Village when only 100 are required by the draft Local Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan, when approved by a local referendum and an independent inspector, has the same legal standing as the adopted Local Plan it supports and any developments are constrained by both documents. The Village Design Statement produced in 2005 did not have this standing and is only advisory for both the developers and SDDC planners. 

The Repton Neighbourhood Plan will add specific policies for Repton, (not just housing and design but also aspects like open spaces, transport, education, leisure and the community, the local economy and the environment) to the more general SDDC L