2023 December 8th 2023

Singing a verse of the Twelve days of Christmas

On a chilly December evening Miltonians assembled in the Village Hall, which was filled to capacity, for the annual Christmas Party.

The Hall looked fabulous with fairy lights and bunting strung along the ceiling and a Christmas tree on the stage setting the scene for the event. With a small sherry to start things off everyone enjoyed a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (some even went back for thirds it was that good) followed by homemade trifles, black forest gateau and mince pies. A beautiful meal – well done to all the Milton chefs.

A game of pass the parcel, with the inevitable forfeits, saw folks waddling around the room like penguins, ‘attempting’ to sing a Christmas song or walking over to a neighbouring table to give another person a hug. Next was ‘stand up’ Bingo and tension rose and a hushed silence befell the room when the last two were left standing.

The finale was two renditions of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’, always a favourite, with each table standing to sing the various verses.  There was much competition to see who could sing the loudest and it has to be said that when the speed picked up there was some confusion which all added to the fun and camaraderie.

Thank you to all who attended and contributed to such a fun evening – the chefs, everyone who helped setting up the hall, washing up etc. etc. etc. A great team effort resulting in a wonderful village evening of fun and good cheer.

2022 – Friday December 16th

2022 – Friday December 16th

Milton’s Village Hall Christmas Party was, unsurprisingly, a sell-out event this year. The venue was decorated superbly and a delicious, full festive dinner was served. Afterwards, traditional party games were enthusiastically supported by everyone, whilst Santa and two elves (played by six hamlet residents) performed a memorable dance routine that delighted the audience.

Although Milton is a very small hamlet, its community spirit seems boundless and this was evident again at the Christmas Party – a lovely start to the Christmas season!                                                                                               

2019 – Friday December 6th

Another capacity attendance for this popular event with guests enjoying a full hot Christmas meal, cooked by the ladies of Milton.

The usual pass the parcel with forfeits caused much hilarity, as did the rendition of the 12 days of Christmas, each line being sung by different table which resulted in a contest of who could sing the loudest!

This year the entertainment, provided by 4 brave local residents, was synchronised swimming, Milton style. The stage became a swimming pool with the participants showing off their diving and leaping manoeuvres- in one case complete with armbands and snorkel. Well done to all our brave swimmers.

Thanks to Sue W and Polly and all who helped make this another memorable party.

2018 – Friday December 7th

On Friday December 7th Milton Village Hall was full to capacity for the Annual Village Christmas Party. The Hall looked lovely with festive cloths, crackers and bunting.

A delicious hot meal of chicken, stuffing and all the trimmings, was followed by home-made trifle and mince pies.

After the meal the fun started and the Hall was filled with laughter and banter. There was a game of pass the parcel on each table, and every so often the ‘unfortunate’ person holding the parcel was asked to do a forfeit.  Tell a Christmas joke, do a belly dance, or sing a Carol in the style of punk rock – the children found it hilarious and joined in the forfeits!

Santa was a bit too busy to come along but he sent some elves who did a wonderful job of entertaining everyone with their dance routine. Well done to the Milton Elves who looked great in their costumes.

The evening ended with a well supported raffle – including a countdown by all in the Hall if winner took a little too long to select their prize!

A superb evening of fun, laughter and good company. Thank to everyone who helped in so many different capacities.

2017 – Friday  8th December

On December 8th 2017 Milton residents and friends enjoyed a very well attended Christmas party. A delicious hot meal was served, followed by homemade trifle, cheeseboard and mince pies. A challenging table top quiz was provided by Edward Baker, stand up bingo was played and a raffle was drawn.

Santa and his Elves entertained the audience by performing a very different singing and dancing routine. The audience reaction and participation was wonderful, a lovely evening enjoyed by all.



  • 60 people seated up to 100 people capacity
  • Disabled toilet
  • Small stage
  • Kitchen





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